My name is Mark Thomas and I am an engineer.

My research interests include glottal waveform modellingspeech dereverberation, speech/audio codingartificial bandwidth extension, system identification, room acoustics, and methods for spatial audio capture and reproduction.

I received an MEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London in 2006 and a PhD degree entitled “Glottal-Synchronous Speech Processing” in 2010 under the supervision of Dr Patrick Naylor in the Speech and Audio Processing Lab. During my time at Microsoft in Redmond, WA, I worked on the audio capture and rendering pipelines for products including Microsoft HoloLens, Kinect, Surface, and Cities Unlocked. I recently moved to Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco, CA, where I am working on several projects in audio and acoustics for cinema, broadcast, and home audio.

You might see me at ICASSP, WASPAA, IWAENC and HSCMA. I serve as a reviewer for other journals and conferences including (but not limited to) IEEE T-ASLP, IEEE T-SP, IEEE J-STSP, IEEE SPL and Speech Communication.

In my spare time I enjoy skiing, hiking, playing pool, model engineering, photography, playing piano/guitar and listening to good music. I also enjoy watching snooker and American Football (go Hawks!).

I like to use “Mark R. P. Thomas” for publications. See my profiles on:

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Lastly, why soundfieldanalysis.org? 1. Because all the good domains containing Mark Thomas are taken, and 2. It’s a nod to my good friend and learned former colleague Jens Ahrens of soundfieldsynthesis.org.

Contact me at mark*dot*r*dot*thomas@ieee.org